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February 26, 1998.
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This web site is dedicated towards the construction of
an Integrative Universal Worldview



What is a worldview

A worldview is a coherent collection of concepts that must allow us to construct a global image of "the world", and to understand all elements of our experience. "The world" here means the totality in which we live and to which we can relate ourselves in a meaningful way.

Hence, a worldview is a frame of reference, in which everything presented to us by our diverse experience can be placed. It is a symbolic system of representation that allow us to integrate everything we know about the world and ourselves into a global picture. It is a "model of the world", a "map of reality".

The individual and the communal worldviews

Using a map of reality is the natural way of how our mind works to understand the world. From the moment we are born, our mind is collecting everything we experienced and arranged it into a "model of our world", a "map of our reality". Without this map of reality, we would not 'understand' the world, and we would not know how to act and/or what to do. We simply would not know how to live. Whether we are aware of it or not, our map of reality is what guides all our actions.

In the old days, when we used to live in a tribal community, each tribe has its own tradition and culture. The social structure, norms, ethics, values and belief system, are the elements of the tribe's worldview, that is being used as a guidance in making all communal decisions.

Towards the end of this second millennium AD, we are leaping from a tribal community into a global humanity, without having any idea of what is our global worldview that we can use as a guidance in making our critical decisions, which will affects all of us globally.

From fragmentation to integration

One of our biggest challenge in these days and age, is the effect of accelerated change. Neither individual nor collective culture seem able to cope with the very rapid and unpredictable change as well as the growing complexity of information and experience that need to be digested.

Our model of the world, or map of reality is losing its coherency as well as its integrity. It becomes so fragmented, that at the end there seems to be nothing left to guide our actions. We are loosing our global picture and our understanding of the world. And without a clear map of reality, we are acting sporadically out of instant necessity without any clear directions. It is just like traveling through an unknown territory without any map or compass, and not even knowing where we are actually heading.

We have learned that enforcing our fragmented (tribal) worldviews, - as in different traditions, different cultural norms, values and belief systems as well as different Religions, only resulted in conflicts, clashes and even devastating wars in our cross cultural and global inter-relationships.

What we need is a framework that ties everything together coherently, that allows us to understand ourselves, our fellow human being, our society, our humanity and our world as a totality. With a coherent and integrated map of reality, we will have a clear picture of our world, that could help us in making our critical decisions which will shape our future, individually as well as globally.




Towards an integrative universal worldview

The framework: - META-SCIENCE

Meta-science is beyond contemporary Science, where the physical, the psychological and the spiritual realms are integrated into a unity, and an integrative scientific approach is being used in their study and investigations, in search of the basic fundamental law of nature.

The Starting Point: - a personal contribution

I was born in the East and studied science in the West. The cultural contrast between my Eastern mystical / spiritual world and my Western scientific education could be formulated in these two questions, that tantalized my mind since my younger years.
  1. How can Science explain super natural phenomena, including spiritual or mystical experiences ?
  2. How can we turn our Belief into Knowledge ?
Driven by my inner imbalance to reconcile the contrast between my critical mind and my spiritual heart, I embarked on a journey in search of the basic fundamental law of nature, that lead me to The Ultimate Unification Theory in 1992.

The Ultimate Unification Theory is a simple but coherent synthesis between the most advanced theories in modern physics, - i.e. Relativity Theory, Quantum Mechanics & Superstring Theory, and the most ancient esoteric teaching, - the 18 million years old Secret Doctrine.

In my effort to verify The Ultimate Unification Theory (The U.U.T.) through my daily life experience, I have lived my own theory since 1992. Slowly I have developed my own personal worldview, that I share through the Net in my other home page Scientific Spirituality. To me, it is no longer just a Spiritual Belief, but a confirmed knowledge.

Based on the U.U.T., human being is considered as superimposed vibrating energy patterns, having the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attributes. One of its derivation is another testable hypothesis, - The Human Energy Circuit, with a simple schematic model of human being.

To test the validity of that hypothesis, I have been experimenting with myself, by trying to harmonize and synchronize my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns. This lead me to The Awakening that happened to me in August 1997, a mystical experience that gave me the final confirmation.


From Personal to Universal

Fully aware of my limitations, I would like to share my thought and personal experience through this web site, as my humble contribution towards the construction of an integrative universal worldview.

I have done my own verification personally, and now I would share it for public verifications. However, it is just a start, the beginning of another very very long journey to turn a little personal discovery into a universal applicability.

Therefore, I would be very grateful to receive your constructive contributions in form of reviews, comments, reciprocal links, or even just an appreciative email.

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